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is there some sad cunt out there, who keeps giving my songs 0?!

2008-10-23 11:45:14 by mathum

i wanna know who the fuck u r, coz its unfair, tht u dnt like this music so youll vote 0


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2008-10-23 12:57:41

the portals meant for ur own work, not someone elses. the sad cunt is you.


2008-10-23 12:59:31

I reported you to Wade, theif.


2008-10-23 19:36:50

Hey dude that sonic song is such a rip off, it evan has the same sound quality as if it were... um.... on a sega genisis. So thats why you get bad votes for fraud


2008-11-02 08:22:13

You get bombed because none of the songs you submitted are your own work.

Try making something yourself before you start crying about bombers little boy.